Blog - Nová kapitola v mém životě

Nová kapitola v mém životě

Příspěvek je dostupný pouze v angličtině.

As announced today in Brussels and Prague, I decided after more than 21 years to leave Microsoft at the end of this calendar year. As somebody who believes that technology can help unlock human potential around the world, I consider myself very fortunate that since 1993 I have been working with great people at Microsoft, as well as fantastic customers and loyal partners. I’m very grateful for all opportunities I was given in our company both internally and externally. When I was hired, I was an ambitious software engineer with basic knowledge of sales and marketing, but with a lot of energy and vision to impart. Microsoft gave me great opportunities through the Bench program in 1995 to work with great teachers like Philip Kottler in marketing, Edward de Bono in creativity, Mike Kami in strategy, and Tony Buzan in smart use of our brain. I was able to study top executive programs at Harvard, Wharton, London School of Economics, Management Center Europe. I believe the company has always leveraged my strengths in terms of strategy, vision, and communication. While I was running the operations in Czech Republic and Slovakia, Central and Eastern Europe, the Public Sector in EMEA region and last but not least while being Chairman Europe for Microsoft Corporation, our relationship was at all times a win-win.

I met Microsoft founder Bill Gates for the first time in 1994 and I had the opportunity to travel with him later on in my different roles. I think Bill Gates is not only a great role model but also someone for whom every ‘No’ is just the beginning of a ‘Yes’. I believe the company he created almost 40 years ago helped people around the world live better lives and I would like to thank Microsoft again and wish the company all the best in the future.

I think that after many years as a global player in the fascinating IT industry, it is time for me to move on towards the role of coach, mentor, and trainer. I was very inspired by a book by Clay Christensen who spoke at the last Microsoft leadership meeting. The book in question is ”How Will You Measure Your Life”. The basic idea of the book is that you should not look only into your own success, but also into how you are helping others to be successful and happy. Indeed, success should be measured based on positive and prosperous impact on others. While I think I made a lot of mistakes in my career as all professionals make, the majority of my career has been very successful. I learned a lot of things and I would like to share what I learned with others and empower them to reach a higher level of success and happiness. This is why I look forward to the start of my own coaching and mentoring practice to help individuals, organizations, and countries to unlock human potential around the world. I believe in building on strengths, passion and personal values based schools, institutions, and working places. I think each and every person has different talents and strengths. We just need to unlock them and leverage them.

Moving forward I will also work as senior strategic advisor for Atlantic Bridge private equity fund in the field of startups. In my advisory capacity I will continue to cooperate with global organizations such as WEF, EC, OECD, INSEAD, and Gallup in the field of personal development, education, startups, entrepreneurship and competitiveness.

I would like to thank Microsoft for my great 21 years and wish the company all the best in the future.

Jan Mühlfeit

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