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Command genes!

Every parent gives to his child genetic information that cannot be influenced. As a parent, you cannot do anything with child’s appearance and talents. But the predispositions can be influenced. The fact that someone has more talent in a particular sport because of the genes does not mean that he or she will be automatically successful in it.

Genes can be viewed as a box full of certain innate precondition that everyone gets at birth. Someone receives bigger, someone smaller. But if the baby’s brain with a small box is effectively stimulated, captured and used, it creates positive habits that make it much more successful in the area than the one who has twice as large box. The most important is to devote time to the activity, train, work, make mistakes, educate yourself and invest in yourself. Many people think that genetics is everything, but that’s not true. We work with docent Radek Ptáček, one of the most eminent Czech clinical psychologist, intensively on our program. According to him the environment, our experience, how we think and live, have a crucial part on engaging and disabling our certain genes.

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Jan Mühlfeit