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31. 05. 2021

EDUCATION in today’s online world

While our planet may be revolving at the same speed, it’s hard not to get the impression that the world is accelerating. Technological progress means processes have become much more efficient and faster, with very few things remaining unchanged.

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10. 01. 2021

The current situation in relation to lifelong learning and online education

At present, individual fields are developing exponentially thanks to technologies. The development takes place within the content of the given industries, but the process by which the changes are implemented, is also important.

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02. 01. 2021

Athletes and managers – are they really that different?

Tennis and life are alike, both must be played to the last ball. In order to go all the way, though, we must learn to manage our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy.

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20. 12. 2020

Focusing on emotional intelligence

The long-term success of an organisation is largely due to its capacity to learn. Personal success heavily depends on mental resilience. Do not underestimate the crisis, but don't fear it. Fear is a bad counsellor and takes performance down.

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28. 06. 2020


Coronavirus has turned the lives of many people upside down. Among other things, the pandemic made it impossible to meet in person, as we have been now used to. Many individuals, companies and schools switched to online communication and education.

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