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Do not be afraid to take a risk and show your talents

I noticed that people in the Czech Republic, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe, are unable to show what is inside them. One of the reasons lies in education. In USA, for example, special attention is paid to career, and not only at schools. Students engage a lot in rhetoric, so they are able to sell what they have learnt. This is not the case in the Czech Republic – and that should change. Global interconnection brings also global competition. Not only among companies, but also among people.

When Czechs come to London Seedcamp to look for investors to support their fantastic technological start-up, they often fail due to their inability to present their work well. Within only 5 minutes they have to leverage what they have been working on for the past 2 years. The problem is that they are incapable of doing so. Instead, they get lost in details and fail to convey the message.

Just Do It!

Current teenagers are extremely afraid of failure. They will, however, face risk far more often than previous generations. Information explosion pushed by technologies results in people having less time for decision making. So they will face more pressure, stress and the necessity to make decisions, knowing that the outcome is uncertain. Unfortunately, they are not well prepared for it.

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Jan Mühlfeit