Jan Mühlfeit - Unlock Potential Now

Unlock Your Potential

Jan Mühlfeit discuss your individual strengths with you and tells you how to use your potential in future work or personal life.

Jan Mühlfeit believes that individuals, organizations and countries have enormous human potential, but they can rarely fully unlock it. He spent almost 22 years of his career at Microsoft. He collaborated with top leaders and thinkers at a global level, and he had the opportunity to learn from one of the most successful human being on the planet – Bill Gates. Jan lectured at prestigious universities around the world and was the guest of a global talk show, which was watched by millions of viewers.

Jan says: “During my long career at Microsoft, I experienced a lot of success, but like everyone, I’ve also made a number of mistakes that I have always tried to learn from.

I think each of us has a huge potential, but few of us are able to unlock and develop it.

We are born as a jet plane full of energy and potential. However, during our life most of us only manage to polish our wings but never truly take flight. If only people would be able to start the engine and follow their dreams. I could say that each of us is a genius, if only each and one of us could fully unlock individual potential. Everyone can find his or her personal uniqueness, discover their important mission and role in this world, and build a fulfilled life based on their unique strengths. Then, they can start their imaginary jet and take flight. Everybody can strive to achieve success, but it is also important to experience happiness already on the path to developing success. On the way to achievement, we have to realize that the only thing we can control is our energy, which is renewable. We cannot manage time to the same extent, which is firmly determined. It is not renewable since we cannot turn back time..

People want to be happy, successful and fulfilled, and I want to help them unlock their potential. This is why I created a rather unique methodology to find personal uniqueness, personal vision, and how to implement vision through individual uniqueness. This methodology is based not only on my own experience, but also the experience of many of the top individuals in the world of business, politics, as well as sport, with whom I had the honor to meet, work and spend time worldwide for many years.”

In this unique course you will learn how to:

  1. Focus on your strengths instead of trying to improve your weaknesses
  2. Find your personal uniqueness and ‘play in premier league’ for the rest of your life
  3. Follow your heart and experience happiness on the way to success
  4. Manage your energy instead of trying to manage your time