Blog - THE POSITIVE LEADER: How energy and happiness fuel top-performing teams

THE POSITIVE LEADER: How energy and happiness fuel top-performing teams

Jan Mühlfeit: "I  am very excited, that I was able to create with my dear friend and the man I have a lot of respect for Deepak Chopra course The Positive Leader. It is now available on Udemy and you can enroll using link below."

What you'll learn

  • Focusing on STRENGTHS instead of weaknesses.
  • The students will be able to Identify FLOW and stay IN
  • Determine basic mistakes and unlock your potential.
  • The Difference between Team and Individual flow.
  • Identify the Trigger for the happiest moments.
  • Learn Deepak´s tips for successful leadership.
  • Several basic physical exercises and techniques.


  • This course is open for all levels
  • No special knowledge or tools are required.


If you want to upgrade your personal skills or accelerate your career, become a more effective leader or more powerful communicator, discover new opportunities or simply find more inspiration, we can help you make progress in your work and life.

Learning is the key to improving our life chances.

This course gives you a four-point approach to becoming a happier and more inspirational leader.

Former Chairman of Microsoft Europe, Jan Mühlfeit, turns the lessons he´s learnt from his years at the coalface of leadership into a "how to" guide for busy managers.
It is our highest honor that Deepak Chopra cooperate actively at that course. Every chapter is closed by his original statement focused on wellbeing.

Discover how to banish stress and negativity, rediscover your best self and become an inspirational leader.
- Target strenghts, not weaknesses
- Have a dream
- Manage energy, not time
- Put happiness before success

"The Positive Leader is the perfect guide that can help unlock greatness in any leader who wishes to be a catalyst for change and transformation" Deepak Chopra

Who is the target audience?

  • Everybody who is interested in original aproach of leadership.

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Jan Mühlfeit