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Are you wondering what is the best way to work with your children’s talents and to prepare your children for the future as best as you can? During the “Parent as a positive couch” workshop, parents and teachers find out how to effectively couch and mentor their children according to the latest findings in the field of positive psychology, in order to make their children not only successful, but also happy in their lives. The topics are also based on Jan Mühlfeit’s book − The Positive Leader, one of the bestsellers in the Czech Republic. Moreover, we organize workshops for children and their parents: “Unlock Children’s Potential” and “Unlock Your Potential for Secondary School Students”. Our workshops focus on discovering children’s individual talents and finding out how to work with them. This is one of the topics of the book for parents that is planned to be released in September 2018. Come to our website to find out more about our seminars and projects. You can also watch our “Unlock your Childrens’ Potential” seminar and the “Your Talent is Unique” series on

Sport shapes us and influences our lives. It has influenced me and Katka since childhood. Until I was 12 years old, I was fat. I did some sports, but not professionally. At 12 years old, when I entered a tennis club, according to my trainer I was more fit for sumo. I had two options. I could apply for a sumo course or stop overeating and start training and exercising. I chose the second option. In our laundry room I regularly played against the wall, I ran 10 kilometres a day (which I still do) and at weekends, even when it was cold, I got up at 4 o’clock in the morning to go exercise in the hall. One year after I joined the club, the best youth player was the chairman’s son. Two years later, it was me. This experience created a stable line in my mind, a synapse which, since then, tells me that every no is the beginning of yes. If you persist long enough, you eventually win.

Thanks to sport I know that if I want to be good at something, I have to train regularly. Sport taught me endurance, I became fit and lost weight. As soon as I looked better, I also felt better. If you do sports, you perform better, you are usually more creative, more active and healthier. I am convinced that exercise, even if only in the form of regular walks, should be one of the basic life pillars of every healthy person.

Katka has done sports since early childhood. She has tried rock ‘n’ roll, ice skating, inline skating, skiing, snowboarding, football and several other activities. She was a very active child. Her parents realised that she enjoyed sports, so they let her express herself freely. At 9 years old, she started to play basketball and became a team captain. She played this sport for 10 years. Thanks to that she learned to be a team player. When others cried, she tried to encourage them. Apart from mental toughness, discipline and the art of a team play she gained friendships that have lasted until now.

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