Blog - Every kid is a genius, we have to find out at what

Every kid is a genius, we have to find out at what

Generally, schooling model in countries of former Austro-Hungarian Empire is still based on memorizing. Whereas in Anglo-Saxon countries there is a model called factory system which expects every product to end up the same. But this is not a feasible goal. Each student learns differently and has different strengths.

The children of today will compete for vacancies on a global stage, especially in the fields of intellectual work. The companies like Facebook or Accenture want to be built on strengths of their employees in the future. Discovering those at the right moment when kids decide what to study might be a great advantage.

Some teachers are keen to work with students individually, but it is the system which does not allow them to – it is obsolete and rigid. Meeting the quota, having the best notes and „knowing it all“ is what matters. On the contrary, in Scandinavian countries the task is to get each student to their best level. The schooling system is modelled very individually and students do not compare themselves to one another so much. This works much better.

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Jan Mühlfeit