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Charisma. Learn the secrets of personal charm!

Charisma is the unique property of someone who possesses a personal charm and is irresistibly attractive to others. Such an individual has highly developed communication and persuasion skills that he or she uses to influence and excite other people. Charisma increases a person’s attractiveness. But careful – it is not necessarily true vice versa. You can meet somebody who is obviously attractive at first sight but who does not turn out to have the charisma you would expect.

According to British psychologist Richarda J. Wisemann, a charismatic person tends to be highly attuned to the emotions of others and has an extraordinary ability to awaken emotions in them. At the same time, he is able to keep his own emotions in check and is resistant to the influence of other people, their negative attitudes and ideas.

People often think that there is a direct correlation between charisma and the highest attained level of education. Let’s take two global leaders as an example. On the one hand, there is U.S. President Barack Obama who studied at several prestigious universities including Harvard. On the other hand, look at someone like former Brazilian President Lula da Silva who left elementary school after only four years to become a breadwinner at the age of 12. Both politicians are intensely charismatic despite their vastly different academic backgrounds. There is no correlation here. The same can be said of the effect of the environment one grows up in. It makes no difference whether you come from a royal family or a socially excluded neighborhood.

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