Jan Mühlfeit - Unlock Potential Now

Solutions News Guest: Jan Mühlfeit about Inspiring Business to do GOOD

On this episode of Solutions News, we are focused on business and how it can be inspired to act as a force for good. We interview Jan Mühlfeit - who served as Chairman of Microsoft in Europe until a few years ago but more recently has been teaching the c-suite and Olympic athletes alike about the importance of emotional intelligence and how to unlock each person’s and each team’s unique human potential. We spotlight how data and transparency are being used to help corporations realize the benefits of being socially responsible, JUST to their employees and their customers, and environmentally sustainable in their approach to good business. It’s no longer enough to pursue profit alone over all other considerations. Business has to have heart, emotional sensitivity, a moral compass, and environmental intelligence if it wants to stay relevant in today’s world. We end the show with some great “didyaknows” and a last word on how to find happiness in the face of sudden change.

Jan Mühlfeit