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​Lecturer and co-author of Unlock Children's Potential. In addition to workshops dedicated to children and parents, she also devotes herself to conducting student courses or lectures and workshops for parents, teachers, coaches and schools.​


Since her childhood, Kateřina has enjoyed taking care of younger children and has been actively involved in working with children in pre-school and school age throughout the entire high school and college. In the end she spent in one family (with 3 children in preschool age) spent 6 years.

She graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, majoring in Arts Management and also devoted her thesis to the topic of pre-school education and children's creativity. She spent several months studying at a school in New York. Then she started working on online marketing and design first, but she never went far from working with children.

She attended a coaching training led by Jan Mühlfeit and became a member of the Harvard Institute of Coaching (Harvard Medical School affiliate).

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  • NEW BOOK: Unlock Children's Potential

In 2016, together with her colleague Jan Mühlfeit, she created the Unlock Children's Potential project, where she tries to work not only with children, but also with their parents to develop talents and strengths, understanding and, above all, self-knowledge.

She is currently engaged in several forms of courses, seminars and workshops with Jan Mühlfeit, lectures at elementary schools, high schools and colleges in various Czech cities, at conferences and within companies. Kateřina lectures not only for children and students, but also for teachers, school leaders, coaches or the general public. On Radio Frekvence 1, she regularly speaks on air with the section "F1 Tips for Smart Parents".

In October 2018, she and Jan Mühlfeit published the book Unlock Children's Potential (Albatros, 2018), which became a bestseller. It is a book-processing of a unique seminar Unlock Children's Potential, which helps to understand how children excel.

Kateřina is actively involved in various progressive forms of education, including Montessori course, and in her free time she practices canisteraphy.

The positive feedback not only from parents but mainly from children gives Kateřina a tremendous energy and meaning for further work. "Children keep writing us that they have been able to get a test at school because of us, because they have managed to be calmer and manage stress better, or that they accomplished to win their first sporting match ... For me this work is a dream and I am very thankful that together with them I have an opportunity of moving on so that we can not only be successful in our lives, but also happy," says Kateřina Novotná.