Jan Mühlfeit - Unlock Potential Now

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring have a great potential to unlock the best in people and enable them to live a full life.

As a seasoned global executive, Jan spent more than 24 years in business, sales and marketing in different parts of the world. He has a deep knowledge and skills in personal development and proven track record in building successful teams and organizations. Jan worked almost 22 years at Microsoft. In his last role with the company (2007-2014) he served as Chairman Europe, Microsoft Corporation. His personal mission is “Helping people, organizations and countries around the globe to unlock human potential”. During his career, he coached and mentored more than 160 people from 5 different continents both within Microsoft and external to the company. He continues to work closely with INSEAD, Cambridge, Gallup, SeedCamp and Meyler Campbell in a coaching and mentoring capacity. Topics in his practice vary from personal development, innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, competitiveness, strategy for education and startups. He has been serving on different advisory boards of several European governments in the field of ICT, national competitiveness and education. He is involved in his advisory capacity in different projects by WEF, OECD and EC.

In Jan’s own words: “Coaching and mentoring have a great potential to unlock the best in people and enable them to live a full life. As my dear friend and author of Financial Time book “Business coaching” Anne Scoular says: ’Mentoring puts in advise, content, information, while coaching pulls out the capacity people have within‘. I am a strong believer in the combination of both coaching and mentoring as the synergy between them is what made me and teams I led successful on a global scale”.

The coaching provided by Jan:

  1. You will be able to understand more of who you are and to leverage your talent and strengths
  2. You will be able to unlock your potential by using your personal uniqueness
  3. You will learn from Jan’s own successes and mistakes
  4. You will have a better balance between your life and work