Jan Mühlfeit - Unlock Potential Now

Unlock Team's Potential

The course is focused on the development of your strengths as well as strengths and potential of your team!

As a seasoned global executive, Jan spent more than 24 years in business, sales and marketing in different parts of the world. He has a deep knowledge and skills in personal development and a proven track record in building successful teams and organizations. Jan worked almost 22 years at Microsoft. In his last role with the company (2007-2014) he served as Chairman Europe, Microsoft Corporation.

His personal mission is “Helping people, organizations and countries around the globe to unlock human potential”.

When he took over the CEE region in 2000, results were quite mixed. With the help of his leadership team, Jan changed the existing personal development system and created a new system based on unlocking human potential by developing strengths of individuals and teams. This dramatically changed the performance of his team. Under his leadership, the CEE region became the best performing region at Microsoft for 4 consecutive years, during a time when the company was the biggest one on the stock exchange. In his own words: “I believe that the fact that I started to work on my own and my team’s strengths changed my life. We won 4 times in a row the Global Premiere Business League. The only way to progress in business, sport, art and politics is by leveraging your talent and strengths. If you do what you like, you are not only more successful, but you are also happier. And if you are happier, you have better immune system, so you are even heathier”. Jan is a Gallup StrengthFinder Certified Coach and has been using this methodology since 2000.

In this course you will:

  1. Understand what your talents and strengths are
  2. Understand your strengths profile
  3. Understand performance management and strengths
  4. Build an individual development plan
  5. Receive coaching on individual development plan
  6. Understand individual strengths of the team
  7. Understand collective strengths of the team
  8. Understand the power of strengths based partnerships
  9. Understand the power of strengths based teams