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Self-discovery with Jan Mühlfeit

Get to know yourself to better understand the others

Jan Mühlfeit believes that individuals, organizations and states have enormous human potential that is rarely fully unlocked. Jan worked at Microsoft for 22 years. His last role in this high-tech corporation was as President for Europe (2007-2014). He now works as a global strategist, coach of top managers, Olympic winners and artists. He is the author of the international bestseller The Positive Leader (Pearson 2016).

What you learn in the course

  • Each of us has tremendous potential, but very few people make the most of it. This webinar will allow you to get to know yourself better, to find your personal uniqueness based on your natural talents
  • You will learn a lot of information from the field of neurosicence and positive psychology
  • You will learn where our fears and doubts come from and how to work with them
  • You will learn that it is possible to find the meaning of your life based on your natural talents
  • You will learn how to make life decisions
  • You will improve your mental resistance (the ability to to perform optimally even in difficult conditions)
  • You will learn the basic principles on how human brain and emotions work
  • You will learn about concept of happiness and you will learn how to focus on your talents

Goals of the course

  • You will be able to define your personal uniqueness
  • You will learn how to find the meaning of your life
  • You will learn how to make decisions in life, even in difficult moments
  • You will be able to build mental resilience using your body, mind and breath

Jan Mühlfeit

Jan Mühlfeit

Jan Mühlfeit is a global strategist, coach of executive, Olympic games winners and author of bestselling business book The Positive Leader.

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